Trucking Over the Holidays

Truckers in Canada are in the middle of one of the busiest seasons of the year.The holidays used to mean increased traffic to retail locations, but with the advent of online shopping, courier companies have joined the fray,  delivering holiday packages to a record number of Canadian households.According to a study by FedEx, 62 percent of Manitoba residents planned to shop online for gifts this year, up from 52 percent last year.This increase in trucking traffic comes in one of the most unpredictable weather periods of the year, increasing stress on truckers who face pressure to deliver their loads on time. Factor in the stress of being away from friends and family over the holiday season, as many long-haul truckers are, and heavy holiday traffic on the roads, and you’ve got a perfect storm of unfavourable conditions.If you find yourself behind the wheel of a truck this holiday season, take a little time to relax before you head out to do battle with the traffic.  Remember, you can always be a little late. No delivery is worth risking your life.  

Drive according to road and weather conditions, and do your best to arrive home in one piece and in a good frame of mind when you do finally get there.If you’re sharing a road with commercial trucks, please give the drivers as much courtesy as you can.  Each cargo truck you see on the road this time of year could be painted like a great big sleigh, because it’s likely delivering gifts to people, both naughty and nice, all over the country.If you come and study at First Class Training Centre, you’ll be taught by instructors with considerable road experience, who will be able to “tell it like it is” when you ask questions about the trucking industry.  We’re Winnipeg’s best truck driving school - contact us online or call Toll Free 1-855 632-5302.

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