Short Haul Trucking

When you think of a career as a truck driver, chances are you envision endless kilometers of highway, truck stop dinners, and days away from home.While there are a lot of opportunities for “over the road” long haul truckers, there are also jobs that can keep you closer to home.

Short haul drivers generally work in a constrained geographical area, which allows them to be home each night, which is ideal for young families. Many people would forego the generally higher paying long-haul gigs in favour of the domestic stability that short-haul driving affords.Unlike long-haul jobs, short-haul driving is much more routine in nature. The company you work for will likely have a steady roster of clients it does work for, so you’ll be visiting the same locations more frequently.

The type of equipment you use will be more varied in short haul trucking. You may work for a company that uses smaller vehicles and require only a Class 3 Manitoba License (typically easier to obtain than a Class 1). You may operate a dump trailer as part of your work, and even the biggest trucks you drive will be shorter, as they are “day cabs”, trucks without a sleeping compartment.In addition to the ability to be home daily, some people simply prefer the varied pace and variety of assignments they find working as short haul drivers. You will need special training and licensing for the job, as well as a regular physical and medical exam.If you’re considering a career in short haul trucking, visit First Class Training Centre in Winnipeg or Brandon. We’re Manitoba’s Premiere Truck Driving School. Contact us online or call Toll Free 1-(855) 632-5302.

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