Working Close to Home

Some people just don’t feel the call of the open road. Others have family situations or other responsibilities that mean long periods away from home just aren’t an option. This doesn't mean that they can’t be truck drivers, but they will have to look to different employers for jobs that will keep them closer to home.There is a demand for Pick-up and Delivery drivers who work in a relatively small geographic area (generally one city or region). Most often, this work is done in a regular hours, approximately 9-5. Some goods need to be moved around at night, so there are opportunities for night shift drivers, too.A lot of these kinds of jobs are done in smaller trucks, like cube vans (Class 5 license required) and straight trucks (Class 3 license), though there is need for a drivers with a Class 1 license to operate a tractor-trailers locally. First Class Driver Training can help you obtain the required licenses for these jobs, and prepare you with a quality driver education program.Just because these jobs are local doesn’t mean they aren’t challenging. Local drivers tend to deal with urban traffic all day on roads that aren’t necessarily truck friendly, while those on longer hauls tend to spend more time on the highway. Whatever your goals in the Trucking Industry, First Class Training Centre in Winnipeg can provide the training you need to take the first steps toward a new career in trucking. Our trainers will prepare you to take the Manitoba Class 1 or Class 3 License test. To find out how our training can make an impact on your life and career, contact us online or call 204-632-5302.

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