Should Vaccine Priority Be Given to Professional Long Haul Truckers?

There is much discussion among Manitoba health administrators as to whom should be prioritized for the vaccine shots that we all are looking forward to getting. I think we are all in agreement that front line health care workers, care home residents, first responders and first nations communities should be first in line.

After that, the choices are not that unanimous. I would suggest that professional class 1 drivers that are crossing any provincial or international border should be among the first to receive the vaccine. These drivers are more at risk than many essential workers as they are exposed to many different jurisdictions with possibly more strains of the virus to contend with.
Professional drivers are vital to our inter-provincial and international supply chains. Certainly they should be moved up in the vaccine cue to recognize their contribution during this pandemic.
At First Class Training Centre we take our job as Manitoba's premier Class 1 educator seriously. We want the best possible training for our student drivers and will advocate for them as they become successful members of the professional driving community. If you get a chance, send your MLA an email advocating for semi truck long haul drivers to be part of the next group to get the vaccine.

Your voice needs to be heard.

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