Why First Class is the Best Professional Driver Training School for 10 Years Running

Almost 10 years ago, First Class Training Centre Inc. began training students to be professional drivers. A decision was made at the time, that our training would be the best, and most comprehensive in the industry. We limit our class size to ensure that each and every student gets the attention that they deserve. Our standards are the highest in the industry and all of our instructors are Certified by the provincial government.

As a long time member of the Manitoba Trucking Association, we have dedicated ourselves to improving the lives of professional truck drivers as well as understanding what the industry wants in new driving recruits. We meet regularly with industry leaders and transportation company owners - thus providing a unique bond and an open dialogue for job opportunities for our students.

First Class Training Centre is the industry leader for Class 1 and Class 3 driving schools.  Contact us today to learn why this is your best option for a new career. 

Get started with First Class Training Centre and start your new career.