Time Investment Favours a Career as a Professional Driver Compared to Other Trades.

As the new year approaches, will you be heading back to your samelimiting job, or are you ready to look at your career options? A biggerquestion to ask; “Am I really happy doing what I am currentlydoing?”. Considering we spend almost our entire waking week at work,career satisfaction is a huge part of our daily happiness and a defining factorin our mental health too. If you are not academically inclined, you have somegreat career options. Let’s take a look at three different career paths thatcompare favourably in salaries.


To become a plumber, you will need to spend many years intraining, gaining experience to hone your skills. Once you are past thetraining, you will be in a position to earn a reasonable living. Aftertraining and experience, you can expect to earn around $50,000 per year, butyou will also face stiff competition in the marketplace – whether you work foryourself or for someone else. The job is also unpredictable, and one inwhich you must respond to client calls at any time – day or night. You may havedifficulty to create a regular set of hours that you can build a routinearound. 


Electricians require even more training than plumbers, requiringclassroom time as well as on the job training.  An electrician willobtain different certifications in order to move up the pay scaleladder.  This will often take many years to achieve the highestrating. The pay will be  slightly better than plumbing, but it willtake a few years to get there. Again, as with being a plumber, being anelectrician can mean unpredictable hours, and taking the work whenever andwherever it comes.

Class 1 Professional Driver

Becoming a professional class 1 driver/operator is another careeroption worth considering. After completing the intense 244-hour training, youwill be able to command an entry level position that will be in the $40,000 to$45,000 range. Because there is still a huge demand for qualified drivers inNorth America, your ability to quickly move up the pay-scale is there for thetaking. To attract drivers, many trucking firms are offering regular routes toallow operators to enjoy a routine outside of the cab.

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