The Amazon Effect Bodes Well for a Career In Trucking

Purchasing online has become even more common during the COVID crisis. Many people are now getting everything delivered to their door rather than risk crowds in malls. This "Amazon" effect is projected to continue to gain more traction as we enter 2021 and beyond. 

What most online shoppers don't realize is that this growth in e-commerce doesn't continue without a strong trucking industry. Getting online orders from stores and warehouses to your door means that the transport business will continue to be in demand for many years to come. Is the industry that you are currently employed in enjoying this type of growth?

Consider a career as a professional driver.  With your Class 1 license, you can finally have a job that pays well and will be secure for the foreseeable future.  First Class Training Centre is recognized by the transportation industry as the driving school leader in providing trucking companies with road ready recruits to fill the ever growing need to transport goods. With classrooms in Winnipeg, Brandon and Thompson, there is a school near you that can let you take advantage of global trends that aren't going away.

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