Passing on the Knowledge - A Career in Driver Training

Most people who come to First Class Training Centre are looking for our industry leading instruction and help in obtaining the credentials required to start a career in truck driving.Some people, however, have an eye on the long term. They want to be truck drivers, but they also have an aptitude for teaching, and a desire to help others.  

People with these attributes tend to find roles for themselves teaching others, some as driver trainers.It is true that almost all driver trainers are experienced truckers.  It would be hard to teach people about the rigors of the road without having experienced them firsthand.  That’s why all of our instructors are “old hands”, who have done their time out there on the highway, and earned their stripes in the business.  If you’re interested in a job training the truckers of tomorrow, the best thing your can do is become the best driver you can be today.

Winnipeg’s First Class Training Centre offers you the opportunity to learn practical, real-world skills that lead to jobs in trucking.  Topnotch instructors will give you the skills you need to take on the challenges of the transportation industry, and you’ll learn firsthand what type of person makes a good driver trainer.To find out more about opportunities for truck drivers, contact First Class Training Centre online or call Toll Free (1-(855) 632-5302.In the Winnipeg area call 204-632-5302.

Get started with First Class Training Centre and start your new career.