Opportunity Knocks

If you’re serious about undertaking a new career as a truck driver, but find the cost of driver training holding you back, you may want to consider the Entry Level Professional Truck Driver Training Program, brought to you by Manitoba’s Public Insurer and a number of trucking companies who are sponsoring the training because they have a real and immediate need for truck drivers, this program can provide you with training at a school like First Class Training Centre to become a truck driver.

In order to qualify for the tuition, you must be a Canadian living in Manitoba, 18 years old (21 and meet medical requirements in order to drive in the U.S.), get a Criminal Record Search and Commercial Driver’s License Abstract, and obtain a Manitoba Class 1 learner’s license.You will have to agree to drive for a trucking company insured by MPIs Special Risk Extension department for a minimum of two years from when you begin your on-the-job training.

This program provides the simplest way to get started in an exciting new career in the trucking industry.  To begin the process today, contact an Employment Manitoba Centre.As one of the program’s Approved Truck Driving Training Schools, First Class Training Centre in Winnipeg is equipped to provide the classes and in-truck lessons you need to obtain your license.  

Our trainers can draw on more than 50 years of combined experience in the trucking industry.  The First Class Training Centre’s Class 1 Practical Skills Driver course is 38 hours long, and prepares you for the Manitoba Class 1 License test.If you have questions about our program, or are looking for guidance in pursuing financial support from the Entry Level Professional Truck Driver Training Program, feel free to contact us online or call Toll Free (1-(855) 632-5302.   In the Winnipeg area call 204-632-5302.

Get started with First Class Training Centre and start your new career.