What’s in Your Emergency Kit?

Anytime you’re heading out on the highway, there’s a certain amount of emergency preparation you need to do.  If you’re a local delivery trucker driving in good weather, your emergency preparation kit might consist of a fully charged cellphone, some extra snacks and water, and a $20 bill tucked in the back of your wallet.If you’re a long-haul operator working solo for days at a time, you need considerably more gear in your emergency kit.  And if it’s winter, when the weather can leave you stranded at a moment’s notice, there’s a lot more planning that you need to do.  

Here are some suggested items for your emergency bag:

1)  Cellphone and extra battery  - In an emergency, communication can be the difference between life and death.  Make sure your phone operates and that all your batteries are charged.

2)  Food and Water – In winter, take enough with you to last a couple of days.  A dense energy source (granola bars, etc.) and a big jug of water are must haves.

3)  Extra Clothes and a Blanket – You may be stranded without heat, or you may have to leave your truck.  Make sure you have clothing that’s appropriate for very cold weather.  Don’t forget your hands and feet – extra socks and gloves.

4)  Light and Heat – A candle can provide both if you’re stranded in your truck without heat.

5)  Tools – No need to go overboard, but some basic necessities can get you out of a jam.  Screwdrivers and a small socket set can take care of most immediate needs.

6) Currency – if the power is out, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to use credit or debit.  In these situations, a little bit of extra cash can go a long way.At First Class Training Centre, we give aspiring truck drivers the training they need for challenging and rewarding careers in the transportation industry. Contact us online or call Toll Free (1-(855) 632-5302.

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