What Kind of Truck Driver Do You Want to Be?

Sometimes a look through the “Drivers Wanted” section in the newspaper or online classified ads can feel like a trip to Baskin-Robbins. Exactly how many different flavours of truck driving jobs are there?To help ease the confusion, we here at First Class Driver Training can provide a brief description of the most popular types of jobs:1. Local Pick-up/DeliveryLocal drivers generally work in a small geographic area, delivering items and orders to local businesses. Most drive smaller trucks, but occasionally there are opportunities for drivers licensed to operate tractor-trailers. Courier companies, florists, and bakeries are all the sort of companies that employ local drivers. 2. Short Haul TruckingShort haul jobs are, as the name suggests, confined to a relatively small geographic area, a half-day’s drive maximum. Short haul drivers return to their homes each night, so it’s an ideal situation from a family perspective. Short haul trucking can be done in trucks as small as a cube van (requires a Class 5 license), straight truck (Class 3 license), or tractor-trailers (Class 1 license). As a short haul trucker, you can expect some responsibilities beyond simply driving the truck (loading/unloading, fueling, record keeping, etc.) Generally, short haul drivers are paid less than long haul truckers, but many find the extra time spent at home is worth the compromise.3. Long Haul TruckingLong Haul – also called “Over the Road” drivers are the type of truckers you tend to see in movies and the media. They are professionals who specialize in moving large tractor-trailer loads of cargo over great distances. They often spend days (or even weeks) away from home, and can live in the trucks they drive, which are often equipped with beds, televisions, refrigerators, and microwave ovens. While compensation is good, many drivers find themselves challenged by the long periods away from their families. Because there is a great deal of cargo that travels long distance by road in North America, there are a lot of companies who specialize in this type of trucking. As a result, jobs as company drivers at these firms are often the easiest way into the trucking industry.4. Owner/OperatorOwner/Operators both own their own trucks, and work as their drivers. Generally, they lease or rent their equipment and services out to large carriers. Instead of being paid hourly or by the kilometer, earn a share of the revenue. Though the earning potential is higher, and the tax benefits of owning a small business apply, Owner/Operators must bear the risks and costs associated with owning their own trucks. People who choose this route tend to be experienced as company drivers, and have an aptitude and desire to operate their own business.Whichever path you choose, First Class Training Centre in Winnipeg can provide the training you need to take the first steps toward a new career in trucking. Our trainers will prepare you to take the Manitoba Class 1 or Class 3 License test. To find out how our training can make an impact on your life and career, contact us online or call 204-632-5302.

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