What Is A Short Haul Driver?

Short haul drivers usually work from one location and deliver out and return the same day. Obviously for those who prefer to be home every night versus out on the road, this may be the better choice. There are many variances in what type of vehicle you would be driving and how far, all depending on the company you work for.Daily RoutineMost short haul drivers will leave early each morning to start their day that may be 10 hours or longer. Depending on your specific job, you may have a specific route where you drop off or pick up each day, or maybe you will just be delivering a full truckload to one destination within a province or area each day.Most short haul drivers work for local transport operations that hire for FTL or full truckload deliveries. Often a person may have the choice to do both short and long hauls for the same company.RequirementsJust like any commercial driving, there are requirements to being a short haul truck driver. You will need special licensing, training and may also have to pass educational and physical requirements for the job. Each employer will have their own standards, however you will need the proper training and licensing for the equipment or truck you will be driving, at a bare minimum.Short haul driving is a great opportunity for someone who loves the road but just wants to be back in the same place each day. It can also be something people do interspersed with long haul, giving them periods of being at home before setting out again for a stint on the road.

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