Two’s Company – Advantages of Team Driving

Whether you drive for a company, or you are an Owner/Operator, you’ve probably met some team drivers out there on the road.Driver teams are just groups of two (married people, friends, or just doing business together) who shoulder the responsibilities of over-the-road, or long haul, truck driving.There are some definite advantages to being part of a driver team, but there is also a downside.Teams can cover more kilometers in the same amount to time than a single driver, because time in the sleeper berth can count as “off time” for a driver.  This means that the truck can be moving a much greater percentage of the time than with a lone driver.

Many of the duties of a single driver (backing up, doing paperwork, etc.) are lightened by having a second pair of hands, ears, and eyes available.Really, the only disadvantage to team driving is the loss of solitude, which can be relaxing for some drivers.  You’ll be with your partner for hours and hours at a time, and it’s true that there can be too much of a good thing.  Some people drive with their spouses, others with close friends, and some prefer to work with people they don’t know too well, and keep it that way.Many companies are seeing the logic in hiring teams, as company drivers and owner operators, and some will even offer to help your partner earn their truck-driving license.In Winnipeg, First Class Training Centre offers you the opportunity to learn practical, real-world skills that lead to jobs in trucking.  To find out more, contact First Class Training Centre online or call Toll Free (1-(855) 632-5302.

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