Opportunities Exist in Trucking

Despite the fact that the Canadian economy has slowed in recent months, especially in the petroleum industry, the long-term outlook for truck drivers remains solid.Experts are predicting a wave of retirements in the coming decade. Coupled with rising demand for goods across the country, a shortfall of 20,000 to 30,000 truck drivers is forecast to hit by the year 2020. For job seekers looking for a long-term career, this is good news. Here are the types of jobs you can look for in the trucking business:

Long Haul (Over the Road) Driver

The bulk of opportunities, especially for new drivers, lie in the long-haul trucking industry. You can expect to spend long periods of time alone and away from home, but will gain experience quickly, be well compensated, and see Canada and the United States from a unique perspective. You’ll drive an 18-wheeler, which requires you to take Class 1 driver training.

Short Haul Driver

These jobs tend to pay a bit less than long haul assignments. Some companies have a limited area in which they do business, and have opportunities that are closer to home, which means you can expect to be home more regularly. Some of these opportunities only require a Class 3 License, which has fewer requirements and is generally easier to earn.

Support Staff

With the increase in the volume of goods moving around by truck, there will be opportunities in the industry that aren’t behind the wheel. Scheduling, dispatching, loading, warehousing and many other “spin-off” jobs are expected to open up as a result of the industry’s continued expansion.If you’re considering a career in trucking, we have decades of hands-on experience to offer. Come and visit us at First Class Training Centre. Contact us online or call Toll Free 1-(855) 632-5302.

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