More Connectivity is Coming

Gone are the days of “seat of the pants” trucking, in which a solitary driver had to face all kinds of obstacles in an effort to get the goods where they needed to go, on time and in good shape.

Today, you might find that you’re the only one in the cab of the truck, but you’re far from alone.  You’re connected in obvious ways (your radio and cellphone) and in ways you don’t commonly see.  The loads you carry are tightly scheduled, and if you’re a little late for a drop-off, you will be missed.Even the trucks themselves are becoming more connected.  GPS tracking tells you and your clients exactly where the truck is at all times.  Even tire pressure monitoring systems are starting to come online, alerting you (and if you are driving for a fleet operator, them) about fluctuations in pressure, tire wear, etc.  Fuel consumption is tightly monitored so adjustments can be made.Most of these new digital communications take place without the drivers’ knowledge, and provide truck owners with a wealth of information that they can use to manage their fleets.These tools are being integrated into more and more trucks.  T

he leader is Sweden’s Scania, who not only manufacture premium trucks for the European market, but also operate their own trucking business to help them build better trucks.  Scania not only makes the tools that communicate the deluge of data generated by a truck on the road, they have determined how to use this information to better serve their customers.The digital revolution is just starting in the road freight business, but you can bet that it will become an important part of the industry, and quickly.  Those who don’t modernize risk perishing at the hands of better informed operators.If you’re considering a career in trucking, you need to see the professionals at First Class Training Centre.  As Winnipeg’s premiere Truck Driving School, we have decades of experience on the road, and hundreds of hours in the classroom. Contact us online or call Toll Free (1-(855) 632-5302.

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