Long Haul Domestic & International Driver

What crosses most people’s mind when they think of a commercial truck is a semi-trailer on 18-wheels heading hundreds or even thousands of kilometers down the road. For those who want to have the freedom and adventure of driving across country and even into the U.S. while getting paid, long haul domestic and international driving is a dream come true.The JobBeing a long haul driver is not for everyone, in fact it is for a very specific breed of individual. Those who drive long haul, both domestic and internationally, have to have a certain personality as well as the training and licensing to do so. The attributes most long haul drivers share are:- Self-motivated. These drivers must be able to push themselves and plan their routes without having to be guided or pushed to do so. No one is there to make sure you do your job, so you must be self-motivated.- Enjoy being alone. Long hauls mean hours upon hours without anyone to talk to or converse with. Most people are fine with this once in awhile but not everyday.- Love of travel. Long haul drivers often find staying in one place confining and love being on the road and seeing new places. No “homebody” will be comfortable being gone from his home for the majority of the time.The RequirementsOf course you will need the training and licensing that is needed to drive the truck you will be using. However, there are other considerations as well. If you want to drive internationally into the U.S., you must be at least 21 years of age. There also may be physical and medical testing, including drug testing for some drivers. You also may have to pass a criminal background check as well.For the right person, being a domestic and international long haul driver can be not just a career, but a lifestyle they love and embrace.

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