Canadian Exports to the U.S. On the Rise

While the slowdown in oil production in the Canadian West is largely viewed as a negative influence on the economy, there are select industries that stand to gain from low energy prices and a weak Canadian dollar.  Among them are the Canadian manufacturing sector, and the road freight industry.

It’s easy to comprehend that lower fuel costs will mean higher margins for anyone in the transportation business.  The invisible benefit is the lower dollar.  When the Loonie drops, Canadian products become more attractive to U.S. buyers.  As the United States is our largest trading partner, an increase in purchasing from them can profoundly affect the number of shipments going over the border by road.2015 is shaping up to be a great year, with shipments of Canadian products heading south in large numbers.  For our industry, this means a change in the types of jobs that exist for truck drivers.  While the Western provinces have been a solid source of jobs for aspiring truckers, a boom in the manufacturing sector means that there are going to be more opportunities to drive products out of Ontario and Quebec, where manufacturing is generally centred.This means that there are still going to be jobs in trucking – lots of them.  A shortfall of truck drivers over the next five years means opportunities for aspiring truckers.

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