Class 3: Combination Training Program (5 Hours)*

A combination of vehicles consisting of a truck with two axles and a trailer with a registered gross vehicle weight of more than 4,540 kg. (10,000 lbs.)

Designed for anyone that needs to pull a trailer with a registered gross vehicle weight of more than 4540 kg. (10,000 lbs.) Our training vehicle is a 1-Ton pick-up with a 30' bumper hitch trailer. Training on applicant's own equipment is also possible.

The training consists of:

  • Class 3 combination vehicle inspection procedure, as required by M.P.I during the road test. Our instructor will demonstrate a thorough vehicle inspection including, an engine compartment inspection, in-cab inspection, vehicle exterior inspection and a hydraulic brake testing procedure.
  • Class 3 driving assessment. Our instructor will assess the applicant's driving skills during a short drive to ensure they meet the Class 3 Combination Vehicle road testing requirements.
  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Manitoba Class 5 Full Stage Licence
  • Valid M.P.I. Medical submitted to M.P.I.
  • Class 3 Authorized Instruction Permit
  • Air Brake Learners Permit
  • Pre-Trip training and driving assessment: 2 Hours
  • M.P.I. Road Test: 3 Hours
  • $550.00 - 5 Hours at $110.00/Hour (Paid to First Class Training Centre)
  • Applicants are required to schedule and purchase their own road test appointment after completing both learners. A medical report will need to be submitted to MPI as well.
  • * Additional training time prior to testing may be available at our hourly rate of $110.00/Hour
  • ** We are required to charge GST if the training is for recreational purposes, i.e., R/V Camper
  • *** First Class may be able to schedule testing for group projects. Please contact us for more info/

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Open Application All Season

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